Sahkar Children Care Services (Orphanage)

Sahkar believes that all children should be given an equal opportunity in life especially when it comes to the provision of basic needs such as Housing, Health care and Education.

We shall serve to identify and support the most vulnerable children within the community, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS. The orphaned children targeted shall fall under the following 3 categories:

  • Children living in Grand Parents headed households, who continue to face challenges in finding consistent income, let alone support their grand children with the basic needs.
  • Children living on their own in child headed households
  • Children living in households headed by parents who are HIV and AIDS positive


Our aim is to help Orphan Vulnerable Children in the community who do not have anywhere else to turn to for assistance, after losing their parents.

We are Seeking a Donor / Donor agency for building of Orphan House in Larkana district.














You are looking Orphans in above photos in different villages of Larkana and Kamber-shahdadkot Districts.